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 Credit Guide

This document provides you with information relating to our activities at Bank said No.

 Home Loan for Beginners

In the beginning, Banks created credit… But they wouldn’t lend to anybody, they would only lend to people in stable employment and with a good credit history.

 Types of Home Loans

The range of home loans on the market appears vast but there really aren’t as many as you think. The lenders use flash brand names for their loans to try and appear different but at the end of the day, they can be broken down to 10
different sorts of loan styles.

 Explaining Credit Files

A number of people we talk to have some very interesting ideas about what kind of information is actually on their credit file. Well, we’re here to set the record straight!

 Types of Bad Credit

Credit arrears, whether paid or unpaid can seriously effect an application for a home loan or a home loan refinance. What the arrears is and how bad it is will determine what that effect will be. There are several types that range from minor to very serious arrears I have listed them along with the likely impact on an application for a home loan.

 What to do if your Home Loan is in Arrears

Irrespective of why or how you went into arrears with your home loan, the most important thing you can do is to talk to your lender about it. Ignoring them will only annoy them and may make them act faster to sell the property to recover their money.

 Report on Part 9, 10 and Bankruptcy

This document has been prepared as a guide to assist you understand some of the concepts and terminology that we are talking about through this website.

 The Importance of Protecting your Identity

Unfortunately identity fraud is on the rise in Australia and the Bureau of statistics estimates that there is currently $1.4 BILLION of credit fraud in Australia per year.

 Protect your Online Identity

With the very extensive use of the Internet today, going online has become part of our everyday routine. The internet allows various things to be done in a faster way, and almost every company and organization needs to be accessed through the internet if they want to stay relevant and to keep up with the fast paced business industry. With this comes the increase of identity theft and online fraud, making it some of the fastest rising crimes in Australia.

 Case Study: Short-Term Employment and Gifted Deposit 

We look into a Case Study for Short – Term Employments: Ian has a clean credit history and a good job in trade. The problem was he’d only been in the job for a couple of months. Prior to that, he had taken 6 months off and before that he had been in various different jobs but all in the same trade. This is not very positive from a lender’s perspective.

 Case Study: From Rags to Riches

Here’s another Case Study, From Rags to Riches: Matt’s problem was that he had some defaults on his credit report which would have made it difficult (but not impossible) to get a mainstream home loan as he could have put in enough deposit to keep the loan below 80% Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) and out of the mortgage insurer’s hands. This is a good place to be in as its then up to the mainstream lender to make an assessment on the loan’s merits rather than have a second set of eyes looking at it more closely.

 The Grand Capital Finance Group Financial Services Guide

This document provides you with information relating to the activities at Grand Capital Finance.



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