5 tips for a regret – free life

According to the website Happify, 90% of people have a major regret about something in their lives. It is so prevalent in our lives that it is the second most frequently mentioned emotion, after love. Often we feel the most regret in missed chances, because of the many choices that we have in our life.

Here are 5 tips for a regret – free life:

Live a life that is meaningful to you. As you grow older, you will understand that the expectations other people have on you have no bearing on how you live your life and your happiness. Do what makes you happy,

Have the courage to express your feelings. When you do, this shows people that you are not passive on certain things. When you feel so strong about something, put it into action.

Allow yourself to be happier. Do not be content on just being happy – strive to be happier! Remember though that your happiness should positively affect other people, too.

Prioritize your family. It is often said that the family is the ultimate source of happiness. As most of the time of your day is spent at the office, pause and enjoy those precious moments that you spend with your family. They are the reason you’re working hard, after all.

Stay in touch with old friends. Old friends keep you young. Take the time to reminisce on the things you did with friends, share a good laugh and stay happy.

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