Are you getting the most out of your Financial Planner?

When the time comes for you to put your money towards an investment, your financial planner should be knowledgeable in accommodating any inquiries and provide you with appropriate suggestions on how to achieve your investment goals. Are you getting any form of skepticism or hesitation from your financial planner? Here are key signs to consider in spotting a poor financial planner:

Vague explanations. Providing clients with vague explanations show inexperience in certain investment types. Your financial planner should be able to explain all key points in detail and accommodate all your inquiries as specific as possible.

Dismissing the idea right away. As their job involves explaining the investment types that suit you, dismissing the idea outright is a key sign of a poor financial planner. They are more concerned about what’s easy and not what is best for you.

Encouraging you to invest without saying why. Sure, they see that the investment type is perfect for you, but why should you invest? If they are unable to provide you with an answer that you’re satisfied with, move on as your financial planner should provide advise that is not only suitable for you, but something that you should be comfortable with.

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