Bad Credit

Bad credit comes in many forms, all of which have some impact when going for a home loan or re-financing an existing mortgage – whether they are paid in full or not. The most common forms of bad credit are:

  • Mortgage or loan arrears
  • Judgements
  • Defaults
  • Part 9 or 10 (bankruptcy Act)
  • Bankruptcy (Sequestrian order)
  • Company Liquidation

Even if a default or judgement is paid in full, it still stays on your credit history for 5 to 7 years from the date it was lodged and will be taken into consideration by a lender when assessing your home loan application. If the debt hasn’t been paid, it will fall off your credit report after the 5 or 7 years but the debt may be sold on to another company who might re-lodge it. So a debt you thought had gone away could come back to haunt you!

Bankruptcy, Part 9 & 10’s stay on your credit report for two years after being discharged. So if you have paid the debt out, you still may not be able to get a home loan through a mainstream lender. Impaired credit does not necessarily mean you can’t get funds to purchase a home or investment property, consolidate debt or refinance your existing mortgage. You just might need a more specialised lender.

At Second Chance we understand that sometimes things happen and everyone has a reason for their adverse credit. That’s why we have specialist lenders that will lend up to 90% of the value of the property at very reasonable rates for purchases and refinances, although the worse the credit, the larger the deposit required. Ex-bankrupts and people coming out of a part 9 or 10 should also have a look at the information on the bankruptcy page which will give you a bit of an idea about what the lenders who consider ex-bankrupts are looking for.

TIP: When we are consolidating an unpaid default or judgement in a home loan, we can often negotiate the debt to be reduced. Call now on 1300 139 883 to see whether we can save you money by reducing the payout!

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