Defaults and Judgements

Judgements and defaults on your credit history can seriously hamper your chances of getting finance, irrespective of whether they have been paid or not. We can only do loans secured against property and are not aware of anyone who will do an un-secured loan to pay out a default or judgement. Quite simply, you must have property for us to help.
Quite often bad credit is caused by a one-off event such as loss of work, a death in the family or some other trauma. This event will often be the cause of bad credit even years after the event itself.

Just missing the odd bill may not seem a big deal, but lenders become concerned about the pattern of payments this forms and wonders whether they will get their money on time.

Most lender will disregard a small phone bill default but anything over $500 or more than one on your Credit History and you could be struggling for a home loan through a mainstream lender.

There are some specialist lenders who can assist you in obtaining a home loan in these adverse circumstances and give you time for your credit history to clear. Just click on the online application below to get started!

Want to know more? Click on our information PDF – credit files explained