Is this the end for First Homebuyers?

First homebuyers have been noticeably lagging behind despite high demand for property, wherein the current number of First homebuyers comprises just 12.5% of the property market. Housing affordability has been the factor in question, as property values have been increasing steadily. In Sydney alone, the median paid amount for auctions are at a staggering $900,000.

The First homebuyer dilemma is where to find an affordable property. This is a common misconception, as there are still states with enough First homebuyer activity. According to Australian Property Monitors (APM), Western Australia and South Australia have First homeowners comprising 20% and 15% of the property market respectively.

Professionals in the property market are calling on First homebuyers to take this piece of advice: consider pooling your finances to purchase property, or consult financial planners as they have first hand information when looking for property that matches your financial capacity.

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