Loans In Arrears

In order to refinance a home loan in arrears, you need to act quickly as the worse it gets the more difficult and the less lenders there are to choose from
Any loan in arrears can hamper you chance of getting a home loan through a bank, especially for debt consolidations. That includes Home loans, credit cards, store cards, personal loans, car loans, rates and tax debts. The faster you act to bring them up to date, the less damage will be done to your credit history.

Most of the time a new home loan or debt consolidation can be approved with the right lender, you just need an expert to find that right lender.

Home loan arrears are a very serious business that could result in the lender re-possessing your house and selling to recover their money. Minor arrears due to a one off event can be delt with directly with your lender usually without the need to refinance. Long term problems on the other hand may require a complete financial overhaul

In the current climate mortgage arrears have been on the increase and we have received a number of enquiries from people who just don’t know what to do if they get behind on the home loan. As such, the PDF below is a guide to some of your options in the event that you get behind in your mortgage.


If you’re behind in your mortgage or loan repayments and you can’t see light at the end of the tunnel then you need to call us now. The longer you leave it the more bank fees, lawyer fees and real estate fees will eat into your equity that you have in your home.

We evaluate each loan on an individual basis and refinance you with the most appropriate lender, keeping your property in your name. We promise to deliver you professional, no nonsense advice on your options.

Time is of the essence though so call 1300 139 883 now or fill out the Application Form on the bottom of this page to get started immediately.