Online resources for Property newcomers

Are you just starting out with property? Here are 7 free online resources that you can use to broaden your existing knowledge on property. Note that these resources are meant to educate and as always, it is still best to consult a financial planner to ensure that your decisions are based on what’s best for your own circumstances.

First Home Owners Grant. If you are a First home buyer, this website is a good starting point. This provides extensive information about grants, concessions as well as the government authority in charge, categorized according to state and territory.

Real Estate View. Buy and sell information gives you a realistic view of property prices in a certain area.

Money Smart. This website from the Australian Securities and Investments commission gives you a comprehensive database for information regarding your financial health, from mortgage, shares to property.

.ID. This provides investors with demographic information up to the suburb level, backed by economic profiles and the latest census data.

RP Data. Data providers offer you free market information that you can use to monitor an area’s health, including official statistics from the ABS.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission. If you’re into policies about property, the regulating body website is the perfect fit for you. The ASIC website gives you extensive information about products, policy and important consumer warnings.

Houzz Australia. Looking for design inspirations for your property? Houzz provides you with the much needed information from interior designers and allows you to store information and images in albums, identical to Pinterest.

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