Relationship Break-Ups

Finances are hard enough to keep under control at the best of times but when a relationship goes wrong all Hell can break loose.
Whether you have to buy out your partner’s share in the property, start again by buying another property or if the break-up has been difficult and has left black marks on your credit history we can help you get back on your feet.

Our understanding staff can guide you through the finance in these troubled times as well as offering various other support mechanisms such as debt mediators to try and minimise the damage.

We have done many loans with people in relationship break-ups, beware of solicitors who recommend that you shouldn’t pay your bills. It might seem like a good way to get back at an ex and some solicitors recommend it while they sort out who’s going to be responsible for that debt in the settlement but if the debt has your name attached to it then you are jointly and severally liable for the debt. Non payment of debt will often destroy your credit history for a very long time and make the future re-financing of your property extremely hard if you have to buy your ex-partner off the title.