SMSF Loans

Self managed super fund (SMSF) investment property loans are undergoing huge change in the market place. These types of loans have only been around for a few years and lenders are still coming to grips with how they want their loans to be structured.

Lenders are all over the place with their requirements for SMSF borrowers. Some want a large minimum balance in the superfund, others was regular deposits to the superfund over the last 2 years, some are very restrictive of where they lend etc.

There are a couple of lenders who are relatively easy to deal with and one has just released a new SMSF product which is going to really open up the market in a big way! Have a look at this:

  • 80% loan to value ratio (LVR) on residential investment properties
  • 70% LVR on commercial properties
  • Some credit impairment accepted (on the guarantor member’s credit report)
  • Assistance with setting up the SMSF trust
  • Short turnaround times

The requirements, rules and regulations surrounding SMSF’s are too complicated to go into here; however we have experts ready to answer any questions you might have. Through our business partners, we can also assist you with the financial planning requirements to set up a SMSF and the necessary trusts and also assistance to help you find an investment property that is compliant with the SMSF tax laws

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