Home Loan demand high as ever

Home Loan demands have reached a 4 year high, according to credit information provider Veda. Mortgage inquiries for 2013 have peaked at 15.3%. Inquiries for credit cards rose by 2.4% and personal loan inquiries at 1.4%.

In spite of interest in mortgage loans, those that availed increased only by 0.4% over that period. Angus Luffman, Veda’s Manager for Consumer Risk is convinced that the record low interest rates are not the deciding factor, as people are more cautious with the rise in unemployment. But despite all these, Veda remains optimistic that we will see these inquiries translate to more credit as soon as home affordability is addressed.

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Getting a Home Loan Made Simple with Bank Said No

If you have somehow acquired a poor credit rating in the past you may have been turned away from bank after bank who is not willing to give you a home loan. There are a number of ways in which you may have been labelled as a credit risk. Loan or mortgage arrears, defaults, judgements, bankruptcy and even company liquidation.

Even if you have entirely paid your judgement or default, this can affect your credit history from lodgement date for 5 to 7 years, even debts you thought may have gone away can come back and ruin your dreams if it is re-lodged by another company. Trying to obtain a loan can become a nightmare simply because you made a few mistakes in the past. But whatever the reason, Bank Said No believe in second chances and that sometimes, the unavoidable just happens, and it doesn’t mean you are a risk forever.

If this is you then you may have found it is very difficult to be approved for a mortgage with bad credit because when it comes to home loan mortgages poor credit is a killer. However thanks to the highly skilled, and understanding, specialist lenders at Bank Said No, those days are over. There isn’t a lot that Bank Said No can’t do. They are the mortgage experts in financing ex-bankrupts, preventing foreclosures, obtaining loans for those on a pension and for those who are self employed with no proof of income.

The exceedingly skilled team at Bank Said No are highly committed to assisting their clients achieve their dream of a home all of their home. Their website is loaded with useful information that answers just about every question in a simply, easy to understand manner. You can easily access a number of PDF files that provide more information on the different kinds of home loans available, the types of bad credit out there and more.

Bank Said No can easily get started on your loan approval today if you have all the information available and no what you’re after, just simply fill out their online application. If you are still in need of more information after viewing their site you can talk to a friendly home loan expert who can set you on the right path.

If you’ve been left to feel like you are unable to obtain a home loan by other lenders then you need not despair. Contact Bank Said No and discuss a plan for your new home and loan today.

Why You Should Get Your Next Home Loan through Bank Said No

If banks have turned down your home loan application, there is no reason to despair as home loan specialist Bank Said No can provide just the right solution for you. The home loan specialist offers excellent service to people who get a hard time acquiring a home loan because of circumstances beyond their control. These people may be self-employed or have bad credit history haunting them for years. Because of the tough guidelines being imposed by traditional lending institutions, people who can afford to pay back a loan sometimes do not get loan approval.

Bank Said No partners with reputable lending companies to take care of discharged bankrupt home loans or bad credit home loans. The company, however, distinguishes itself from other bad credit specialists by providing honest and reality-based advice and help to borrowers. Other companies would promise easy solutions to borrowers without discussing the repercussions of the solutions. Bank Said No gives home loan borrowers the best choices that they can have in the situation they are in.

The company is bound by the code of conduct set by the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA), of which the company is a member. This helps assure customers that the company abides by the constitution and code of practice called for in every broker. The company is driven by its main goal is to help customers achieve their financial goals by providing the most suitable choices for a particular financial need.

Bank Said No http://banksaidno.com.au fully understands the needs, challenges and stress that their customers face. The company does not pretend to have the solution to every situation. Whenever there are cases that it cannot tackle, the company lets the customer know right away, so that there are no false hopes for those who are desperate. Borrowers can obtain useful information and advice from the company’s website to see what solutions can be done in their situation.

The company has gained valuable compliments from its customers who have benefited from its service. S.T. & T.A. of Castlemaine Vic expressed, “Your assistance in helping us buy our first home was fantastic. We honestly didn’t believe you would be able to help someone in our situation but it all went very smoothly.”

Customers are also lauding the company’s focus on customer service and professionalism. J.D. of Mudgeeraba Qld happily stated, “The whole process was conducted in a very professional manner and with a minimum of fuss, actually the whole process was painless. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone and will do so.”

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