Tax Debts

The tax department is currently on the parth trying to recover $6.5 Billion worth of unpaid, self employed tax. To do this, they are using various tactics including court judgements and bankruptcy, neither of which look good on your credit history.
If you have a tax debt, you can be sure that they will come after you at some stage soon. Quite often the easiest way to pay it out is to use the equity in your property (residential or commercial). Unfortunately, very few lenders will allow you to refinance your mortgage to pay out a tax debt but we know lenders who will – and in some cases, up to 90% of the value of the property! In most cases, we can set it up so you can still claim the interest as a tax deduction!

But time is of the essence! if the tax department get to you before you get the ball rolling you may well have a black mark against your name to make matters harder (though still not impossible).

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